An Animal Crossing Horror Towns Masterpost


I’ve seen a couple of horror town compilation posts going around, but most of the time they have the same few towns in them, and there are so many horror towns that are awesome but no one knows about them

Here’s a list, with names (to the best of my knowledge), a small description, the code, and the language.

Aika Village: The classic. Try and find out what happened to a girl and her doll on her birthday. 2600-0218-7298, Japanese.

Hitokui: Dress as a cop or a bride and investigate a cafe, a church, and a shrine, if you’ve got the stomach for it. 2600-1856-4772, Japanese.

Aniville: Dress as a student as you investigate a mass suicide. 4800-2398-3734, English. 

Schachipanda/Killer Panda/Druggy Village: Go into the mind of a girl, her sister, and a killer. 2100-9784-7385, Japanese.

Harudin: Visit a town loaded with symbolism based on North Korea. 1900-0190-0083, Japanese.

Diablo: Visit a grisly town full of artists. 3200-0330-2755, Japanese.

LSD: Visit a somewhat unnerving but at times darkly humorous town. 1300-0108-1523, Japanese.

Covah: Uncover an expedition to Egypt gone terribly wrong. 6700-2770-9418, English.

Kotori Bako: Dive into the minds of a mother and her husband and find out what vicious deed they committed. 1100-0907-3801, Japanese. 

Amonia: Join a group of students as the decide to play with a found doll. 7800-2773-1392, English.

Faleisha: Investigate the bizarre murder of a young man and the circumstances behind it. 5000-2746-7773

Murasaka: Uncover a conspiracy to destroy a girl’s life. 5500-2839-9384, English. 

Nasari: Everything seems fine, until you walk into the last house. 2000-1259-8879, Japanese. 

Cherry: Investigate a murder/suicide in a town where a girl keeps telling you to run away as fast as you can. 5900-1388-9382, Korean. 

Bloody Eye Town: Visit a town covered in images telling the story of a girl and murder. 1700-0121-0396, Japanese. 

Callia: Uncover the origins of the murderous doll that plagues these dreams. 7900-2582-9532, English.

Haven: The members of the church insist everything is okay, but you aren’t so sure. 4900-2598-0061, English.

Fahville: Visit a boy’s memories, a dead woman’s mind, and a classy hotel to find out what lies in the town’s heart of darkness. 4900-2785-4830, English.

Void: Help a ghost woman uncover her skeleton. 5800-2261-2914, English.

Okinawa: Two sisters meet an evil spirit and suffer the consequences. 5400-2462-3584, English. 

WW2 Town: A bizarre town that mixes history, gaming, and gore. 3100-0532-9089, Japanese. 

Machine: Try to find out why a girl won’t stop apologizing, over and over… 4400-2183-4489, English.

Moonveil: When families fight, heads will roll. 4800-2133-1994, English.

Lavender Town: Two young dead girls warn you not to go into a certain house, but you can’t resist it, can you? 5400-2974-5606, English.

Donut “Marshall Town”: Visit a town inhabited by someone with a disturbing obsession with Marshall. 1900-0445-3218, Japanese.

Glimmer: Explore a mansion haunted by the ghost of an angry father. 6500-2309-3621, English.

Mumville: Find out why two girls are giving out an ominous warning. 5500-2225-4784, English.

Danger: A town told mostly outside rather and indoors. Talk to two soldiers and try to figure out what they’re fighting against. 4100-2447-8702, English.

Pumkindo: A creepy-cute town filled with cute pumpkins and horrible bloodshed. 7800-2453-2752, English. 

Whaleway: There’s no blood, no gore, just a mysterious clock that can grant wishes…5200-2292-8287. Bosian.

RainCity: A girl moves into a seemingly abandoned house and a young gardener is forced to do something she doesn’t want to do. 4400-3006-3749, English. 

Tiramisu: Don’t be late for the funeral. 6400-2707-7706, English. 

Milani: Sometimes, infinite money and a life of luxury can be dangerous. 4100-2802-1949, English. 

Leafoak: Watch your step. Be careful. Especially in the cemetery… 5000-3256-5458, English. 

Sangcivi: Visit the strange and unsettling rooms of the town, including a strange hospital and a bedroom with emerald walls. Tu Fui Ego Eris. 6500-2177-6203, English. 

Checkers: Only one house is scary… but one wonders what’s on the back wall… 5200-2423-0064, English. 

Derp: Immortality is impossible to achieve… isn’t it? 4400-2495-4840, English. 

Cuteland: Visit a prestigious girl’s school, where a young woman has recently gone missing. The headmistress seems like a sweet woman, and she’d love to take you in… 5700-2259-7519

Night Vale: Have a stay at a beautiful motel, but be wary of the security guards. 4700-2983-2767, English. 

Onett: This is my own town. Visit a beloved Prince’s castle and the houses of his people, and remember what they say-‘Long may he reign’. 4900-2331-7412, English. 

This list will be updated periodically. 

I have visited nearly all of these towns. To see my exploration of them, visit this link: